Kilchurn Castle - Scottish Bus Tour

Our minbus tours of Scotland take in the famous Kilchurn Castle.

Built originally by Sir Colin Campbell in the mid fifteenth century as a five-story tower house on an island at the end of the longest freshwater loch in Scotland, Loch Awe.
This stunning ruined Scottish castle which is largely unheard of due mainly to its isolated location was eventually converted into a military barracks housing over 200 soldiers in 1689 by descendant Sir John Campbell but the development of Fort William by the government over-shadowed this and it remained a home until 1715 when government forces based themselves here during the Jacobite Rebellions. Reference James VII of Scotland, the pretender to the throne and his attempts at seizing the thrown from Charles II between 1705 and 1745.

Minbus tours of Scotland have access to many Scotish castle, but inside Kilchurn Castle, visitors will see a strange podium like structure strutting from the ground. This is actually one of the castles towers which was blasted off its position by a lightning strike in 1760. Due to a damming project, the water level of the loch was reduced so that nowadays we can walk along a new peninsula to gain access to this wonderful site owned and protected by Historic Scotland, and best of all free to the general public.

It is possible to climb some of the sections and the main building to take a glimpse at the amazing views of the castle, loch and surrounding countryside, which should fill up your camera very quickly.

The walk to the castle takes approximately 10 minutes or so and is level and flat and well worth completing as the rewards are worth every step.