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Things to see and do in Chester

Coming to Chester in Cheshire for a few days? Fantastic choice!

Chester is a beautiful city with all the best attractions within walking distance and easily accessible. A city that had its foundations built by the Romans when they built their fortress on the River Dee. It was 70AD and they called it Deva Victrix.

A lot of history has been and gone since then, but the old city centre is still built on those foundations and surrounded by the Chester city wall. A 2-mile wall which is free to walk and takes you to all the sights you want to see.

The Romans liked a good show so they built themselves the grand Chester Roman amphitheatre just outside the walls for their entertainment. You can still see the foundations of the Roman theatre today. And better still, you can stand in the arena where gladiators once stood. You can visit the Chester Grosvenor Museum to learn more, or join a period-dressed Roman soldier on a march through the city. The city centre is home to Chester Cathedral where you can take a tour up to the tower for amazing views of the city of Chester.

For more things to do in Chester there is an unique shopping experience in the Chester famous ‘Rows’. Not one level of great shopping, but two! One row of shops on top of another, how good is that?

On a hot day, the best place to be is on Chester’s riverside where it can be a little cooler. Have a relaxing hour on one of the Chester boat trips on the River Dee, or even hire a canoe or rowing boat and go for a romantic (or adventurous) trip. If you bring a picnic it is even better!

For more things to see in Chester that are only a few bus stops away, or maybe a short taxi ride, there is Chester Zoo. We like Chester Zoo very much as we have many families booking BusyBus to provide mini bus tours of Chester that includes bus tours to Chester Zoo. Chester Zoo is the UK’s largest zoo on 51 hectares which was opened by George Mottershead in 1931. A place of interest which has been discovered by the media. A series called “Our Zoo” was created about the beginnings of the Zoo and the life of the Mottershead family. And in recent years several animals have been followed behind the scenes for a weekly programme called ‘The Secret Life Of The Zoo’. So coming on our bus tour of Chester you might see some famous animals during your visit!

For those of you who love to shop, your can hire BusyBus to take you to Cheshire Oaks, where you will find Top Brand names at discounted prices. Cheshire Oaks is a McArthur Glen outlet centre just a few miles outside of Chester and a relatively short drive from Chester City Centre. It is also easily accessible from Manchester, Liverpool or Bangor in North Wales. The shopping centre is next to Chester’s Blue Planet Aquarium, which often included on our private hire tour to visit before going home.

For the horse racing lovers, we provide luxury minibus hire for the Chester Races. If you are the type of person that is a thrill seeker, we also provided tours to theme parks such as Alton Towers and other adventure parks in North Wales or the Lakes. For sporty folk, we provide transport for swimming competition trips, football tournaments and a handy bus service for golf trips.

Want to go even further out from Chester, then BusyBus provides spectacular adventure tours to North Wales, breathtaking sightseeing tours of the Lake District and glorious tours to the historic region known simply as Yorkshire