Sightseeing Day Tour of Scotland from Invergordon Cruise Terminal

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Day Trip Cruise Excursion From Invergordon

This is our award-winning Sightseeing Day Tour of Scotland from Invergordon Cruise Terminal.  Join us for an  8-hour / 140-mile Scotland Adventure tour departing from the Invergordon cruise terminal.

This is a per bus booking – that means bookings are only accepted for a collective of 16 people. Often this can be organised by your cruise Expedition Leader, or can be easily self organised.

It is carefully tailored for cruise excursions and has been routed to provide a fine mix of scenery and attractions. Not only are BusyBus tours great value (up to half a ship’s excursion price for twice the fun!) but we also use luxury latest models vehicles designed to full sightseeing specification with panoramic windows, full PA system, overhead parcel shelves, luggage compartment(s) and forced air ventilation. Everyone is guaranteed plenty of seat space and a full window view. This is sightseeing the way sightseeing is meant to be done!

Your tour is fully escorted and narrated with a jolly driver and knowledgeable escort who, invariably, will become more of a friend than a tour guide! Every passenger receives special attention and is encouraged to participate in the day as much as possible to ensure that you have a wonderful time with us.

Invergordon Cruise Excursion

We really will delight you with your driver & tour escort keeping you fully informed and advised as to points of interest and general knowledge throughout the tour.

We do not force on you (on a pre-pay basis) lunch or unwanted attraction tickets because, quite simply, there is so much choice to see and do that we will leave those choices  up to you on a pick & mix, go-as-you-please basis. What we will do is make sure you’re fully informed as to what’s on offer, the bargains to be had and assist in creating the best possible day out for you.

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Tour Highlights


We will take you to places in Scotland you thought didn’t (or couldn’t) exist and your driver & tour escort will keep you fully informed and advised as to points of interest and general knowledge regarding the ever-changing panoramic views.

Your driver will tailor the day to suit the weather, atmosphere and ambience of the general group on board making every tour unique, special and memorable. You can partake and participate in as much (or little) as you feel comfortable with throughout the tour and will never be put under any commitment or pressure to do anything that you don’t wish to. It’s your tour and your day. We’ll just make it very special for you.

Departing from Invergordon, we head off into the Highland Countryside where we will see what makes Scotland such a popular Tourist Destination.You will have a fully narrated journey which is intertwined with a hint of Scottish audio entertainment. Hear Mel Gibson’s Braveheart “Freedom Speech” when he (as William Wallace) prepares to defend Scotland from King Edward 1st in 1297.

Our first stop of the day is the picturesque beauty spot of Rogie Falls in search of Salmon embarking on their mission to return to their birthplace by swimming upstream and leaping up waterfalls.

Next stop is for a quick coffee at the aptly named Beauly (Beau Lieu or Beautiful Place) where you will find refreshments and time permitting, explore the Valliscaulian Priory

Now it is time to head off to the most famous of all Scottish Lochs enjoying breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside en route and maybe even catching a glimpse of a Highland Cow (or a Llama or two) before dropping down into the valley that is home to Loch Ness. Stop on the banks of Loch Ness and spend a short while Nessie Watching or maybe spend some of your tourist pounds in the well-stocked, Nessie inspired, gift shop.

Our next destination is the historic settlement of Fort Augustus situated at the south-western end of Loch Ness. Enjoy local cuisine and marvel at the engineering masterpiece of locks and waterways known as the Caledonian Canal in the majestic surroundings of the Great Glen Way.

The last stop on our tour is a short walk to a special viewpoint of seven Lochs (on a clear day) to work off some of that Scottish cuisine and to fill your lungs with good, clean Highland air before heading back along the southern side of Loch Ness towards your ship.

It will then be time to say “Bon Voyage” to your BusyBuddy as you sail off into the sunset.

Fishermen on Loch

A few common questions answered:

  • Our tours are scheduled to the docking timetable and are specifically run for your cruise liner.
  • We usually depart 30 Minutes after docking and always return a minimum of 1-hour before “all aboard” – your ticket will clarify your exact times.
  • BusyBus personnel will be at quayside to meet you in hi-vis yellow “BusyBus” jackets. All docking personnel know BusyBus well.
  • We do not include lunch but will provide you with plenty of options. We will have plenty of time in a suitable location for lunch. You are more than welcome to bring a pack-lunch with you.
  • We use a variety of luxury vehicles ranging in seating and always ensure plenty of on-vehicle space with window views.
  • Don’t pre-purchase attraction entry tickets as many factors can effect our arrival time. Your driver escort knows the attractions well and will ensure you get the best available ticket prices and are treated just as importantly as those who tied their cash up in advance! Simply pay on the door.
  • We do not “force” unwanted attraction entries, refreshments, lunch and souvenirs on you. We will make recommendations throughout the day based on quality, value and experience only. BusyBus receives NO REWARD for recommendations.

* Times are APPROXIMATE. We carefully co-ordinate times to meet & greet you at the quay-side and provide a fully synchronised tour returning at least 1-hour before “all aboard“. We will keep you fully updated via your online booking records if the TOUR DEPARTURE time above changes.

…AND FINALLY:  On our Sightseeing Day Tour of Scotland from Invergordon Cruise Terminal we are conscious of passenger concerns regarding the consequences of a late arrival back to ship when using independent excursion providers. In BusyBus’ case, saving up to 50% along with having a wonderful overall experience simply may not be sufficient to convince you, so let me, as Managing Director, re-assure you that all operational aspects of our tours are taken very seriously indeed to mitigate such a risk.

For example, wherever we tour we are always in communication with colleagues, peers, partners and associates who could, at short notice, jump in to assist an immobilised vehicle and/or get passengers safely back to their ship. All our vehicles carry a comprehensive manual that includes emergency procedures, phone numbers, breakdown assistance, medical aid, etc. We are, of course, recommended and known by the Port Authority too and are in regular communication.

If you are worried about being late back, how do you think we would feel with stranded souls sitting on the back of our coach?