Village of Tyndrum - Scottish Bus Tour

Another favour on your mini bus trip of Scotland is the village of Tyndrum – In Gaelic this means House on the Ridge.

Small village on the edge of the Scottish Highlands noted for being the smallest inhabited village in the UK with more than one train station. Thousands of people pass through here every year, getting refreshments at the famous Green Welly Stop.

It was also built on the site of a famous battle. Robert the Bruce was defeated here in the 14th Century at the Battle of Dalrigh by the Clan MacDougall following an ongoing dispute. A  nephew of the Clan Chief was killed by Robert the Bruce. During this battle, a famous piece of jewellery was taken by the Clan MacDougall called the Brooch of Lorn. The Clan MacDougall embraced this as one if their most prized possessions.

The bus trip travels by Scotland’s gold mines to the west in the hills which are still worked today. And following the A82 further North you will enter the Scottish Highlands. Driving through Rannoch Moor, used as a film locations for some big blockbusters films like Harry Potter, James Bond, Outlander and Trainspotting.