Minibus Sightseeing Tours

BusyBus wrote the book on minibus sightseeing tours!

QUESTION: What’s the best way to see a local area?
ANSWER: Ask a local to show you!

The problem trying to really explore a local area is the chances are you will miss the real attributes. You won’t do it intentionally. You just won’t be aware of that hidden waterfall or the secret cave that only a local would know about. The other problem in missing those gems is that that’s exactly what they are; gems! Almost all BusyBus explorers feedback that the best part of their mini bus tour was the breath-taking quirky stop that only a BusyBus minibus sightseeing tour guide would know about!

But there is a little more to simply highlighting gems. There is the dialogue too. A droning, boring tour guide forcing endless tidbits of useless information in a monotone voice, cracking jokes that only they find funny, is nothing short of a tortuous experience. That is why BusyBus driver guides, known as BusyBuddies, do not do that!

A BusyBus Adventure Sightseeing Tour is an immersive day trip; whether you tour THE LAKES from Manchester, or take a Mini bus tour North Wales from Liverpool, your route will have been carefully scripted to create the perfect cocktail of touring delight. It titillates the senses in a way we like to think is unique and bespoke. Our minibus tours have been described as hugely entertaining and deeply engaging using the ever-changing scenery as the most spectacular theatrical back-drop you will ever witness.

Using every possible prop throughout the tour your BusyBuddie driver guide will immerse you into a day of legend, myth, adventure, history, hilarious dialogue and entertaining theatre. Yes! You will be given the superficial facts about the area or the scenery you are examining but it won’t be a history lesson or intellectual exam. if you want to delve in deeper your BusyBuddie will be able to do so but not to the detriment of boring the others to death. Our website also provides snippets of fact and figures if you have a desire to know about William Wordsworth or Beatrix Potter.

BusyBus uses new, well maintained vehicles (mainly 16-passenger minibuses) which are specifically built to our own touring design with crystal clear public address and audio multimedia systems and enormous panoramic windows. We then exploit the size of the vehicle to navigate roads and routes well and truly off the beaten track to find scenic heaven in complete isolation and tranquillity.

OK, we admit you might be a bit unnerved at some of the tiny, twisting routes and as they often climb through deep crevasses with cliffs one side and rock-faces the other, one might forgive you for being absolutely terrified, but fear not! We have done it all before and we have an unblemished safety record.

BusyBus satisfied the international traveller market perfectly, showcasing exactly what is desired to be seen in a way that exceeds expectation. But, circumstances of the 2020-2021 pandemic has also seen a boom in the StayCation market (those UK-based travellers deciding to stay within the confines of their own borders and enjoy multiple short-break exploratory trips rather than an annual longer international holiday).  The Brits, though, are generally not lovers of bus or mini tours. There is still a stigma attached to them of the mature generations singing Vera Lynn songs as they do the hokey-cokey.  Well, we have adapted our tours to make sure we quash this in a one-er! There will be no hokey-cokey’s on our tours! Not as long as the wheels on the bus go round and round and round! Not on our watch!

BusyBus Minibus Sightseeing Tours depart daily from Liverpool, Manchester and Chester going on its full day trip to North Wales, the Lake District and Yorkshire. Tours are fully-narrated and escorted at all times and usually last between 8 and 11 hours. It’s a long day and you will wonder how on Earth you managed to see so much in such “little” time! Remember, a BusyBus tour is not about shuttling you to a destination and then dropping you for hours before bringing you home. It is about showcasing a destination and showing you the best of the best in the hope that you embed wonderful memories and possibly return one day to fully explore and spend more time in your best bits. One could say it is like an open-top City tour of the countryside!