Create Your Own Holiday

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Create Your Own Holiday with BusyBus.  Everyone at BusyBus enjoys going to “work” in the morning. The reason is we WANT to be there. And that will show when you meet us.

Although we have developed off-the-shelf tours and holidays for over 17 years, there may come a time when those products simply do not meet your needs. Perhaps you have already done all our tours and want a change? Maybe you want to visit somewhere (or someone) that is not covered on our standard routes? Perhaps you just fancy trying to design a tour yourself? There could be a whole host of reasons why you might want to engage us as your partners in delivering a create-your-own tour.

That is exactly what Mr & Mrs IKEA (photo) wanted when we did an IKEA tour in 2007!

We have become pretty good at making people happy on their tours and that often starts with an idea of where to go. Whether the idea comes from you, us or a fish-tank we promise to develop it into a fully-fledged experience for you.

Chris Moyles Radio One

Then there was Radio 1 who wanted BusyBus to delight the Breakfast Team that included Chris Moyles and Greg James (photo). We achieved this and Chris was so impressed he discussed his amazing adventure on his show the next day for over half an hour!

During the planning process you will be encouraged to partake with idea’s and questions but will not be pressurised to do so. The tour will be be carefully designed to establish your unique requirements and, of course, remain safe and within the law. This will ensure your complete relaxation, comfort and satisfaction with your BusyBus experience.

Chris Moyles on BusyBus

BusyBus Min Bus & Coach Vehicles

All of our vehicles are modern, fit-for-purpose and usually 16-seater executive minibuses enabling us to drive “off the beaten track”. Where our bigger vehicles are used, you still don’t miss out because we access all parts of the tour from different directions.

Your safety and comfort is our foremost priority at all times. All vehicles are fitted with latest safety equipment, monitoring technologies, satnav, 3-point seat belts and driver safety aids.

Sightseeing Specialist

BusyBus is very proud to be recognised as an award-winning sightseeing tour specialist who will constantly evolve their tours, locations and activities. This sort of success not only requires careful management and sustained, controlled business growth, but the most important ingredient of all: the satisfied customer!

Contact Us now with your idea, needs, requirement, comment or just for a cup of tea ‘n chat.

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