Day Trips From UK Cruise Terminals

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BusyBus is pretty darn good at delivering Shore Excursion From UK Cruise Terminals!

But don’t take our word for it, check out the many hundreds of comments from your predecessors through feedback, testimonials and compliments – either directly though our own website or via the many specialist websites such as Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor.

So, what’s the secret of our success?

Well, there is no secret at all. It’s common sense.

Let’s look at a typical supply equation worked to when considering cruise passenger business:

cruise passenger + shore excursion = price + 50% + fill as many seats per vehicle as possible

BusyBus doesn’t work like that though. We offer you our very best service at a proper price, irrespective and without discrimination of your travel circumstances. The BusyBus equation is, therefore:

cruise Passenger + shore excursion = best service + best vehicles + best escort + best price


BusyBus offers a selection of ONE-PRICE FOR ALL sightseeing tours from Liverpool, Holyhead, Glasgow (Greenock).  Yes, that’s right – ONE PRICE for any of our tours that you can book online right now. We guarantee you will receive personal attention at all times with dedicated real people (with real names) ensuring your overall experience with us is second to none.

Invergordon and Edinburgh tours can also be booked on a private basis giving flexibility to head to the locations that YOU want to go to although our current itineraries is very good and show the views of Scotland that most tours do not offer from Invergordon and Edinburgh.

Reason to book with BusyBus

When it is excursion time we will be there, waiting at the quay-side to welcome you aboard and then spend our time together as long-lost friends. You know, contrary to my earlier statement, maybe there is a “secret” after all – it is because we love our jobs as much as you will love being on a BusyBus tour!  Come and enjoy our Day Trips From UK Cruise Terminals.

BusyBus Cruise Excursion from Liverpool

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Cruise Adventures from Holyhead
Lakes from Liverpool Port
Cruise excursion from Glasgow


  • Our tours are scheduled to the docking timetable and are specifically run exclusively for your cruise liner.
  • We usually depart 1-hour after docking (check your ticket) and always return a minimum of 1-hour before “all aboard”.
  • BusyBus personnel will be at quayside to meet you in hi-vis yellow “BusyBus” jackets. All docking personnel know BusyBus well.
  • We do not include lunch but will provide you with plenty of options. We will have plenty of time in a suitable location for lunch. You are more than welcome to bring a pack-lunch with you.
  • “We use a variety of luxury vehicles ranging in seating from 16 to 49 seats. If we use our 49-seater vehicles we ensure that everyone has a great window view and reduced loading times.”
  • We do not “force” unwanted attraction entries, refreshments, lunch and souvenirs on you. We will make recommendations throughout the day based on quality, value and experience only.

…AND FINALLY: We are conscious of passenger concerns regarding the consequences of a late arrival back to ship when using independent excursion providers. In BusyBus’ case, saving up-to 50% along with having a wonderful overall experience simply may not be sufficient to convince you, so let me, as Managing Director, re-assure you that all operational aspects of our tours are taken very seriously indeed to mitigate such a risk.

For example, wherever we tour we are always in communication with colleagues, peers, partners and associates who could, at short notice, jump in to assist an immobilised vehicle and/or get passengers safely back to their ship. All our vehicles carry a comprehensive manual that includes emergency procedures, phone numbers, breakdown assistance, medical aid, etc. We are, of course, recommended and known by the Port Authority too and are in regular communication.

If you are worried about being late back, how do you think we would feel with stranded souls sitting on the back of our coach?