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Welsh 3 Peaks Challenge

Wales 3 peaksSo, think you’re up for a
Welsh 3-Peaks Challenge?

BusyBus are proud to deliver all elements and aspects of Welsh 3-Peak Challenge transport logistics in what we believe is the safest and most professional way available. To many, at first glance, a Wales three peak challenge sounds relatively straighforward and easy. However, let there be no mis-understandings; it’s difficult!

It doesn’t simply rely on your personal fitness but also on careful organisation, good co-ordination, fit-for-purpose transport, competent driving, teamwork, strategy, motivation and passion. Embarking on your journey to achieve and succeed starts with your transport partner and you simply won’t get better than BusyBus to deliver that to you!

So, do you feel up for it? A total of 150 miles (140 kms / 4.1/2  hours) inter-mountain driving on Welsh roads, 18 miles (29 kms / 12.5 Hours) of power-trekking, some during darkness, climbing a total of nearly 2,900 vertical metres (9,000ft)?

Makes you shudder just at the thought doesn’t it? Well, this a special kind of challenge, and not one that everyone is going to achieve but then again, it wouldn’t be a challenge would it? With our  transport expertise you can trust us to take care of the whole complex logistical organisation of your event so you can get on with training, mental and physical preparation.

Most of the laws applicable to a Welsh 3-Peaks Challenge relate to the transport and are imposed for the safety of everyone. Some companies make every effort to “beat” the law but BusyBus is proud to both agree and comply fully with it; not because we don’t want to get into trouble, but because we want to be as safe as possible. Our drivers want to see their families again just as much as you do!

Transferring teams the 260-mile round-trip journey from Chester, between the mountains and back to Chester as quickly as possible is stressful on the driver. VOSA have given both guidelines and legislation on journeys of this type. For example, driver breaks and changes are strategically integrated into every challenge and the typical itineraries below have accounted for these.

Whatever company you choose to provide your transport (even if you go it alone and hire a self-drive minibus) do not underestimate the importance of transport and make sure you are as safe as possible at all times. Ask your transport provider or appointed driver for their clear, written intentions of how they will both maximise safety and comply with the law. After all, you don’t want the additional challenge of recovering your vehicle and team-mates from wreckage in a ravine, all alone in the middle of nowhere at 4am!


Mountain Height Distance Walking Time
Pen Y Fan 886 (m) 8 (km) 4 Hrs
Cadair Idris 893 (m) 10 (km) 4.25 Hrs*
Snowdon 1,085 (m) 11 (km) 4.25 Hrs
Totals 2,864 (m) 29 (km) 12.5 Hrs

OPTION 1: The Long Day Challenge

Day 1
23:00: Collect participants from Chester Station or area (if applicable).
23:30: Collect participants who come in cars from Chester Services – M56/J14 – CH2 4QZ (if applicable).
03:00: Arrive Pen Y Fan start point.
03:30: Commence Challenge.
07:30: Depart Pen Y Fan.
10:30: Arrive Cadair Idris.
14:45: Depart Cadair Idris.
16:45: Arrive Pen-Y-Pass for Snowdon.
21:00: Complete Challenge.
21:30: Depart Snowdon.
23:00: Drop at Chester Station or area.
23:30: Drop at Chester Services.

OPTION 2: The Daylight Challenge

15:00: Collect participants from Chester Station or area (if applicable).
15:30: Collect participants who come in cars from Chester Services – M56/J14 – CH2 4QZ (if applicable).
19:00: Arrive Pen Y Fan area for overnight

DAY 23-peaks-finish
04:00: Breakfast
04:45: Arrive Pen Y Fan start point.
05:00: Commence Challenge.
09:00: Depart Pen Y Fan.
14:00: Arrive Cadair Idris.
16:15: Depart Cadair Idris.
18:15: Arrive Pen-Y-Pass for Snowdon.
22:30: Complete Challenge.

00:00: Depart Snowdon.
01:30: Drop at Chester Station or area.
02:00: Drop at Chester Services.

Other reasons to choose BusyBus

SupraBusyBus drivers are great and we love them. Say no more! Don’t take our word for it though. Check out our Guestbook and TripAdvisor feedback. They know the routes well, understand your needs fully and will become a valuable member of your team. There’s nothing worse than coming off a mountain feeling exhausted, wind howling, hungry, cold and then being met by a grumpy, miserable driver, so you won’t!

BusyBus are equally proud of the quality of their vehicles which will be fit-for-purpose and often new. We go beyond the recommended maintenance schedules to minimise the risk of breakdown. Here’s our vehicle specifications, both ideally suited to teams of 12 + guide (13):


BusyBus prides itself on the quality of its vehicles that will include most (but not necessarily all) of the following:

  • Purpose 3-Peak Challenge specification
  • Vehicle less than 4-years old
  • 16-full-size passenger seats
  • Multi-position reclining seats
  • Seat armrests
  • Neck support aids
  • Large rear separate luggage space
  • Multi-level luggage shelving
  • Interior overhead baggage racks
  • Forced, passenger-controlled air
  • Passenger-controlled reading lights
  • 12v sockets (charging leads not supplied)
  • Clothes drying area
  • Walking boot box
  • Pole shelf
  • CD/PA/MP3 sound system

BusyBus is fully insured in all aspects of the TRANSPORT part of your event. It does not hold OFF-VEHICLE or EVENT insurance in any way and is not responsible or insured for any other elements of your event except transport.

BusyBus are pleased to recommend our three peak partners ADVENTURE CAFE who can take “ownership” of your event and provide everything for you in a pick & mix packaged format, including charity donation management, insurance, mountain guide, accommodation, transfers, etc. Although BusyBus may recommend partners, it does not package and receives no financial reward for sharing its expertise and experience with you; which is done in goodwill only.

If you require assistance in procuring a qualified mountain guide to escort your group please ask. They bring substancial benefits in skill, experience, maps, safety equipment, navigational aids, motivation, advice, etc. Although BusyBus may assist and recommend, it does not package and receives no financial reward for sharing its expertese and experience with you; which is done in goodwill only.

BusyBus has a special parking arrangement with RoadChef permitting you to park your vehicle for just £18 in their 24-hour car park for the full duration of your challenge. This is payable directly to RoadChef upon arrival and a permit will be issued.

If you require assistance in procuring accommodation in Wales and / or Chester, please ask. BusyBus has many years experience in all accommodation types, from Bunk-Houses to 5* luxury. Although BusyBus may assist and recommend, it does not package and receives no financial reward for sharing its expertese and experience with you; which is done in goodwill only.

If you require breakfast in your Bunk House then your BusyBus driver can procure and deliver this for you for just £5pp. Your breakfast will be continental-style comprising branded items including a selection of juice, tea, coffee, bread, butter, jam, cereals, croissants, porridge, etc.

Your BusyBus driver has a selection of  unique discount vouchers especially negotiated for you to use at the Pen-Y-Pass YHA cafe that include a special price full hot-buffet breakfast and the best piping hot shower you will ever have!