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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now
book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Visit England – why visit the United Kingdom

Why should someone visit England or the united kingdom, as we are only a small little island ?

Well apart from the lovely and intelligent people that have different accented, languages and characters with have some of the most diverse and beautiful countryside and coastline – well its European award winning quality.

VisitEngland is set up to help all international travellers understand the what’s available and plan your visit to the UK, as visit England should be on everyone’s bucket list. No I correct myself Visit Wales and Visit Scotland and Visit Ireland should also be on everyone bucket list.

Ok I will own up being a welsh man who has lived on the coast and into his water sports – Windsurfing and Jetskiing. Our coastline is unbelievably stunning and varies dramatically wherever to you. When you Visit Wales you have the Welsh coast shadowed by welsh Mountains like Snowdon.  Visiting Wales give you golden beaches, adventure activities and the warmest language I believe.

Visitscotland and you get the uniqueness of Scotland’s lochs, so unique they can only be compared to Norway. Visiting Scotland gives you famous comedy festivals, famous drives like the Scotland Route 500 a must for campervan enthusiasts.

Visit Ireland is a cultural experience with its accents and vibrant city and party life nested in rugged countryside.

Why do we at busybus talk about it ? because the rapport that we build with customers who visit the North West of England on our bus tours of the lake district and bus trips to yorkshire and yorkshire dales from the cities of Liverpool and Manchester ask wow its so special here what the rest of the UK like ? Visiting England is a complete cultural experience an adventure that will impact on your life.

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