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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now
book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Sightseeing Tours & Day Coach Trips

Whichever sightseeing adventure tour you decide to take, (please choose from the menus above) you can rest assured it has been carefully selected, route-planned and proven to guarantee that your experience with us fits in as many of the fantastic sights and activities as possible whilst remaining un-rushed and leisurely.

The numbers of visitors on each sightseeing tour will determine the size of the vehicle used and you will always receive a full, knowledgeable and educational narration as all our staff are multi-skilled and highly trained.

During your sightseeing tour, your tour escort will make regular announcements, drawing your attention to famous landmarks, historic locations and general interest points (including the houses of famous people).

You will be encouraged to partake with questions and conversation but will not be pressurised to do so. The tour has been carefully designed to establish the unique requirements of each experience and adapt accordingly. This will ensure your complete relaxation, comfort and satisfaction with your day trip experience.

BusyBus Vehicles

All of our vehicles are modern, fit-for-purpose and usually 16-seater executive minibuses enabling us to drive “off the beaten track”. Where our bigger vehicles are used, you still don’t miss out because we access all parts of the tour from different directions.

Your safety and comfort is our foremost priority at all times. All vehicles are fitted with latest safety equipment, monitoring technologies, satnav, 3-point seat belts and driver safety aids.

The areas we visit are truly wonderful places and the carefully selected routes navigated are rarely congested with traffic. However, like all beautiful locations, visitors can flock, especially on warm summer days and evenings. As a registered public service vehicle (PSV) operator we can enjoy the traffic control benefits installed by  Government and road traffic authorities, such as bus lanes.

Of course we can’t guarantee there will be no traffic delays but we can utilise the above in conjunction with satnav to improve our chances of an on-scheduled tour.

Sightseeing Specialist

BusyBus is very proud to be recognised as a “major” sightseeing tour specialist whom, we plan, will constantly evolve into other tours, locations and activities.

Who knows, one day we may be seeing signs just like this one at the roadside where people can come aboard and share in what we promise to be a “…really good day out.”

This sort of success not only requires careful management and sustained, controlled business growth, but the most important ingredient of all: the satisfied customer!

With this in mind, we would genuinely like to hear about your experience with us, good, bad or indifferent. When you get a chance, why not drop us an e-mail?

We will certainly read your comments and include them (with you permission, of course and without publishing contact details) in our live blog (scrap-book).

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