BusyBus CoronaVirus / COVID-19 Travel Policy Statement

Virus recognition, awareness, spreading prevention & containment procedure

BusyBus recognises their responsibility to comply with latest health & safety legislation & preventative procedures to maximise the safety of staff, clients and the public in relation to Covid-19. Our COVID-19 PREVENTIVE PROCEDURE DOCUMENT can be viewed by clicking this link  or download as a PDF document here: 

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It has been compiled by BusyBus Management as a working document and treated as transparent reference point for customers, staff, management, and authorities to disclose and demonstrate awareness, procedure, principles and action.

  • All BusyBus staff, without exception, are DOUBLE-JAB VACCINATED & follow latest Government Guidancer regarding boosters and best practice.
  • All BusyBus staff, without exception, take regular LFT Covid Tests in accordance with latest Government Guidance.
  • Evidence of above without condition or challenge available anytime upon request.

Covid Booking Protection Guarantee

BusyBus has appended it’s TERMS & CONDITIONS to include the following peace of mind Covid Booking Protection Guarantee:

  • 5.2: This paragraph is specific to Covid Related Circumstances where a passenger is unable to complete their booking due to Restrictive Legislation and/or Evidenced Incapacity. In such circumstances BusyBus will:
    a: Offer to move the booking to an alternative date or
    b: Provide a booking credit (voucher) valid for 18-months to self-serve an alternative date of choice or
    c: Provide a 100% refund against any vouchers in “b” above should they expire unused.


BusyBus is now FULLY OPEN and operating to our TIMETABLE.

For further information regarding the CoronaVirus Virus in the UK please visit: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus