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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now
book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Maria & Gabriel P.

Romania, Romania
1 Dec 2003

Since the tour I kept having Busybus on my mind. However, it is one of our best memories of our entire UK holidays. Our Busybus experience was unforgettable, we had lots of fun and enjoyed every bit of the trip. Who would have thought a camper hire could be so much fun.
I am sending four of the “Kodak moments” taken during our trip with you. Yes, I included one with myself winning the “Catch Phrase” contest at Grand Hotel.
Another highlight of was the “aftermath” at Chester Races. Gee! We had great fun with all the team and really enjoyed your company. From the bet that I won after your “hot tip”, I got back to the hotel with our tickets paid for, beers covered and an extra £10 in my pocket at the end of the day! Oh yes, I liked it at the Races!
I still remember the contests we had during the time spent on the bus, like famous Welsh people. Oh the fun we had when after mentioning Dylan Thomas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones, I came up with Ian Rush!
Finally, I highly recommend the Busybus tour to everyone visiting Chester for a day or more. Do it and you’ll have the highlight of your holiday. Peter can, and will, make your day. He is lots of fun and accommodating whatever your requests along the way may be. He did so with us, when we wanted to find a street that meant much to us, in Llandudno. He just found some time and took the two of us and found the street bearing the name of a Romanian queen (see the photo).
If we’ll ever come back to England, Busybus would be at the top of our list to do.

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