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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Karen Williams

Liverpool, United Kingdom
9 Jun 2013

Hi. Just wanted to say a few words about our experience with Busy Bus….. firstly i’d like to thank YOU for putting up with me and my ‘million’ phone calls and messages…. being responsible for 11 children under 11 I had to be sure I had everything covered. Not only did you accept the fact I had a million questions on a daily basis, you assured me each time it was ok and I wasn’t bugging you, ha!! The bus itself …. the bus was great, comfortable and perfectly safe for our little minions. The Driver….. James was a pleasure to have on board. A little bit different than driving a group of hens….. our kids were more like screaming chickens, singing (loudly) laughing and having lots of fun. James joined in with their humour and laughed and smiled (even if secretly he was cringing inside) I apologised to him at the end of the day for having to put up with the kids and he kindly replied….” they are a great bunch of kids” so thank you James :- Alton Towers…… what a day, the kids had an amazing time and were so well behaved… can’t wait to do it again. They have talked about their day out non stop since going back to school. I’m planning to Teach your kids pool with one of these awesome tables another day before they leave school for the summer as they all leave for High School and will separate. If we end up with enough going to need a mini bus….. we will be sure to be calling on Busy Bus.. Thank you once again for everything, from start to finish it was a GREAT service. Karen 🙂

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