Our Coronavirus Travel Policy Statement

BusyBus Covid-19 and Virus Spreading Prevention Procedure

BusyBus recognises their responsibility to ensure that their staff, passengers and vehicles comply with health and safety legislation and maximise the safety of clients and staff in relation to Covid-19.

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Our Minibus travel COVID-19 PREVENTIVE PROCEDURE DOCUMENT can be download as a PDF document or read in full by clicking this link.

It has been compiled by BusyBus Management as a working document and treated as transparent reference point for customers, staff, management, and authorities to disclose and demonstrate awareness, procedure, principles and action.

This Coach Travel Coronavirus Guideline shows how BusyBus Minibus Tour staff will clean, prepare and maintain its working and public environment including its minibuses safely in the context of COVID-19, and how it attempts to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.



BusyBus Tour Open Dates will be announced soon on our website.
Until then our service is suspended for the unforeseeable future.


CORONAVIRUS has galvanised the UK government to enact a tough policy in a bid to contain the global pandemic with a UK-wide lockdown.

Please revisit our website for news and updates.

Our team are all working remotely and can answer questions via our contact us form.

We wish everyone safe times in this troublesome period.
BusyBus Management

If you need further information regarding the Coronavirus Virus in the UK please visit