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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now
book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

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Roshni M.

London, UK
27 May 2011

Hi Vera

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for being brilliant this weekend! I can honestly say that we all really enjoyed the weekend and everyone on the trip had a brilliant time. All the drivers were great and we really enjoyed working with you.

Thank you so much again!


Tom B.

Salem, USA
23 May 2011

Dear BusyBus

Of all the tours we took on this short 17 day cruise trip aboard the Crown Princess, your’s by far was the most organized, entertaining and informative!

Thanks again.

Tom & Lynn PS: We’ll be back this fall if all goes well!!

Beverley D.

Munich, Germany
11 Apr 2011

Hello Fred. I would like to say a big thankyou for your prompt service to and thro the airport and the wonderful, humorous trip to Wales. The guide is certainly a character and kept us all entertained.

We had a great time in Chester. It’s a wonderful City and of course the weather played a big role in making our trip a successful one. We all agree that it’s the best one so far.

Thanks once again to you and your family.


Sky B.

23 Feb 2004

Firstly, I just want to thank you so much for the North Wales Adventure tour, I made the right decision checking the babystroller reviews so that I could take my kids with me, it totally was an experience to be remembered. I do think it was a bit cruel that you didn’t show us how to open the magic box, but personally I forgive you because I had the time of my life. I will highly suggest to anyone looking for a day in wales for a great price, to use BusyBus!


San Diego, USA
10 Feb 2004

Dear Peter We were sitting in the pub last night and talked all about you and the tour! We wanted to call you but couldn’t quite figure out how after we had downed a couple of pints! We reached Edinburgh finally and were disappointed that the BusyBus wasn’t here to pick us up. We had such a wonderful time with you in on the Cheshire Tour. Thanks again! The pictures were great, sorry about the door!

Katie C.

6 Feb 2004

Dear Peeder (Peteh), thanks so much for showing us the best time of our vacation! I feel so lucky to have gotten the personal attention you gave us. I have already raved about you to a Canadian couple I met at Edinburgh Castle – they were quite interested after my recommendation! Meanwhile, I can’t sleep at night now that the sound of your lovely voice is fading…please write back and say anything with an “r” in the middle…ha ha Love the pictures!

Katie W.

2 Dec 2003

I must say that Saturday was the best day that Joann and I have had while here in England and, believe me, we have been here for what seems like too long! But anyway, your tour has definitely topped our list and that is why we will be returning and seeing all the sights again….Hopefully we won’t have as much rain and we just might see some more sunshine. Hey I heard those beers were lovely….I am glad that you enjoyed them! Maybe if the next tour is just as good you can have some more…hahaha

Maria & Gabriel P.

Romania, Romania
1 Dec 2003

Since the tour I kept having Busybus on my mind. However, it is one of our best memories of our entire UK holidays. Our Busybus experience was unforgettable, we had lots of fun and enjoyed every bit of the trip. Who would have thought a camper hire could be so much fun. I am sending four of the “Kodak moments” taken during our trip with you. Yes, I included one with myself winning the “Catch Phrase” contest at Grand Hotel. Another highlight of was the “aftermath” at Chester Races. Gee! We had great fun with all the team and really enjoyed your company. From the bet that I won after your “hot tip”, I got back to the hotel with our tickets paid for, beers covered and an extra £10 in my pocket at the end of the day! Oh yes, I liked it at the Races! I still remember the contests we had during the time spent on the bus, like famous Welsh people. Oh the fun we had when after mentioning Dylan Thomas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones, I came up with Ian Rush! Finally, I highly recommend the Busybus tour to everyone visiting Chester for a day or more. Do it and you’ll have the highlight of your holiday. Peter can, and will, make your day. He is lots of fun and accommodating whatever your requests along the way may be. He did so with us, when we wanted to find a street that meant much to us, in Llandudno. He just found some time and took the two of us and found the street bearing the name of a Romanian queen (see the photo). If we’ll ever come back to England, Busybus would be at the top of our list to do.

Yngve & Alva

Sweden, Sweden
21 Sep 2003

BUSYBUS, we want to thank you for the nice trip to the Northern parts of Wales during our holiday in Chester. We send you some copies of our photos and don’t forget to tell Peter we were so happy with his good driving and guiding.

Diane P.

14 Sep 2003

Hello Peter, Howard, and Fred! My daughter, Mary, and I want to thank you for the wonderful day tour of Northern Wales. We loved everything about the tour and wished it was longer. In particular, Fairy Glenn was most exciting and enchanting. We loved Conwy, even with its crafty seagulls. The scenery everywhere in Wales was truly magnificent. Wales is truly a beautiful place. We will be coming back to Chester and Wales on our next trip to England, and will definitely book another Busybus tour! Thank you once again!!

Haley S.

Leicester, UK
13 Sep 2003

Hi! Before I forget, I just wanted to tell you that the North Wales Adventure Tour we went on was brilliant. The driver Peter, who is also the MD was very entertaining, and it was very good value at £19.75pp. I highly recommend the company.

Jackie M.

Manchester, UK
18 Aug 2003

Hi Peter, I just want to say a big thank you from myself and all the people that travelled on your bus to Liverpool Airport and back earlier this month. We thought your service was most efficient, safe and comfortable and we would not hesitate to use your services again.

Pat S.

Salt Lake City, USA
7 Aug 2003

Peter, just wanted you to know that I just sent Rick Steves a glowing report about you. I’m telling you, that you were the highlight of the 26 days we had in the UK. Thanks again for a wonderful day and many of Gods blessings be on you to continue to do what you obviously love to do. You were awesome. By the way we saw 2 black sheep together, I think by Llanwurst. We had a laugh about and said we have to tell Peter! So thanks again for a wonderful anniversary day.

Jim W.

Concorde, California US
14 Jul 2003

Just a few lines to thank you all so very much for making our day so special. Reading the other comments below I simply can’t stress enough to anyone reading this that everything is so true. Well done. See you next year (for sure!)

Sam B.

Turin, Italy
12 Jul 2003

Only one word can describe the Busybus: Fantastic!

Rosemary & Rachael B.

Warrington, UK
20 Jun 2003

Thank you so much Peter for making our day so unforgettable an enjoyable. I am most impressed with your friendly and courteous manner, your service is excellent. I felt as though I wasn’t on a ‘coach tour’ but rather a day out with good friends. I will be a regular passenger on your Busybus and can’t wait to take my place on the ‘meet us on busy bus’ nights out…once again my thanks to you and all those concerned ‘behind the scenes’ as it takes a good team effort for everything to run so smoothly whilst looking so simple. Well done to all your company that will continue to thrive as the best advertising comes from word of mouth from happy customers…many blessings.

Jane & Stacey M.

Canada, Canada
10 Jun 2003

We made it back to Canada! It’s always good to be home, but Stacy and I really enjoyed ourselves on your tour. I tell everyone about ‘Stacy being stocked and mugged by a seagull in Conwy Castle….I am sending you a couple of pictures from that day. Enjoy! Once again thank you for all you navigations help, we really enjoyed the day!!

Melissa R.

Australia, Australia
16 Apr 2003

I would like to thank you for the great day we had out in North Wales the other day, All four of us enjoyed ourselves and will be recommending Busybus.

Carolynne G.

Toronto, Canada
11 Apr 2003

I wanted to thank you for our fabulous day in Wales. Thanks too for not killing us in your exuberance driving the wee roads in good weather! We had a lovely time. Thank you especially for the fine weather. I understand that it is something of a miracle to see sunshine in Wales. We wish you great success in your venture.

John & Pam DS

Cornwall, UK
4 Apr 2003

We really enjoyed our tour of N.Wales with you. Fantastic weather too. We would thoroughly recommend the Busybus. A helpful tip! Some folk may prefer biscuits instead of crisps with their morning refreshments. We hope you have a very good season.

Marcos M

Torino, Italy
8 Mar 2003

We had a choice on this day, London or BUSYBUS. Wow! Thank goodness we chose correctly. See you later this year Mr Busybus!

Amanda A.

New York , USA
22 Jan 2003

I just want to say that the day out to North Wales was absolutely fantastic in every way. Good commentary, great driver and even wonderful weather. Overall a great experience and one I will certainly do again once you are fully up and running. Well done to all of you and thanks!

Heidi S

Wurzburg, Germany
29 Nov 2002

Like Joachim, I really appreciated the German translation and enjoyed the day very much. I will recommend you to all my friends. Please let me know when the tour is fully functional.

Joachim S

Wurzburg, Germany
29 Nov 2002

An excellent day all around. Thank you for translating the dialogue into German too. A great Austrian accent!!

Brian P

Devon, UK
7 Oct 2002

I can’t thank you enough for your excellent and informative trip to Wales. Betws-Y-Coed was glorious and your guide seemed to know everything there was to know about the local attractions and sights.

Mary A

Chester, UK
22 Sep 2002

Our trip to North Wales is probably the best value sightseeing trip I have ever made (and I’ve done a few, all over the World). The coach was clean and punctual and the driver courteous, safe and fun!!

Joanna & Clare H

Melbourne, Australia
10 Sep 2002

We don’t know how you will do this trip for the money. Perhaps you don’t? Maybe it’s simply for the love of it. How ever you do it, please launch it properly soon as it was simply “funtastic man”!!

Bruce & Glenda P

Los Angeles, USA
29 Aug 2002

We were quite sceptical about taking this tour (even though you didn’t charge us for it) as “nothing beats an Aussie outback day” but we were wrong. It wasn’t like a tour at all, it was more like a long lost friend showing us how things have changed…A great big thank you to everyone on the day and your wonderful back-office support!

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