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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Archive for February 2004

Sky B.

23 Feb 2004

Firstly, I just want to thank you so much for the North Wales Adventure tour, I made the right decision checking the babystroller reviews so that I could take my kids with me, it totally was an experience to be remembered. I do think it was a bit cruel that you didn’t show us how to open the magic box, but personally I forgive you because I had the time of my life. I will highly suggest to anyone looking for a day in wales for a great price, to use BusyBus!


San Diego, USA
10 Feb 2004

Dear Peter We were sitting in the pub last night and talked all about you and the tour! We wanted to call you but couldn’t quite figure out how after we had downed a couple of pints! We reached Edinburgh finally and were disappointed that the BusyBus wasn’t here to pick us up. We had such a wonderful time with you in on the Cheshire Tour. Thanks again! The pictures were great, sorry about the door!

Katie C.

6 Feb 2004

Dear Peeder (Peteh), thanks so much for showing us the best time of our vacation! I feel so lucky to have gotten the personal attention you gave us. I have already raved about you to a Canadian couple I met at Edinburgh Castle – they were quite interested after my recommendation! Meanwhile, I can’t sleep at night now that the sound of your lovely voice is fading…please write back and say anything with an “r” in the middle…ha ha Love the pictures!