book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now
book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Marie V.

Paris, France
6 May 2015

Dear all Busybus staff,

Thanks to you, the whole group had two magnificent excursions/adventures to Wales ! AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU really !

First of all, instead of 3 mini-buses, we discovered a normal 50-seated bus on April 29th at 8.30am : what a wonderful surprise !
It was very comfortable, the driver was very good and we enjoyed his careful driving across breathtaking landscapes.

But the best surprise was that EXTRAORDINARY Franck as a guide !! A PERFECT guide, so dynamic and cheerful, with a sense of humour, an everlasting smile, helpful with elderly people, ready to give interesting comments, and able to read the longest word in Welsh and so patient to teach us how to pronounce it ! This man is really gifted and very professional !

I would like to thank Oliver – a trainee guide on our 2nd excursion, who gave us interesting details about Welsh history and who had prepared his comments very carefully.

These two excursions were the highlight of our stay and we had time to visit the main points of interest I had mentioned. I was so satisfied that I sent a review to Tripadvisor last Monday.

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you ….

Pity you have no branch in Cornwall ! Next year, I intend to visit Exeter and its neighbouring towns….

Kind regards,

Marie V.

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