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book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Evana Young

Punta Gorda, Florida
29 May 2012

Thanks so much for our Caribbean Princess VIP tour from Holyhead on May 16. Frank was a wonderful guide. HE brought such lovely weather for all of us. Everyone I spoke with who was on our small bus thanked me repeatedly for arranging the small bus. IF anyone is wondering whether it is worth it………wonder no more. We had a wonderful day. When we told the folks who had booked the ship tours what we had done they were amazed. We saw it all.
Thanks again.

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  • Auth:

    Very impressive, I remember doing photographs of the arrival of the QE2 on her first visit to Liverpool frozen to death, well a long time ago. So popular was the arrival photogs were limited to a 20 minute fly past in a Cessna, that many had requested flights. I can not help but think that more people would have turned out if the Queen Mary had arrived in July. Great Photograph. 21 Oct ’09, 10:04 am

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