book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now
book sightseeing tours northwest chester cheshire now

Archive for April 2013

Magnus W.

Stockholm, Sweden
30 Apr 2013

BusyBus, thanks for lovely service! You really speak the truth on your website when you say that you are happy drivers who aims to make your customers trip fun!We are all very satisfied whit the choice of transfer! Thanks for the pics. Take care. Kind regards, Magnus

Carmen B.

Malta, Malta
30 Apr 2013

Good morning. I’m writing to tell you that our day with the Busy Bus to North Wales on the 25th of April was fantastic, we enjoyed every minute of it. Would definately recommend it to my friends. And our driver Frank was very nice and friendly and very informative. Keep up the good work. Regards and have a nice day….. I’m back to reality now….. work, work and more work.

Anna B.

Lausanne, Switzerland
21 Apr 2013

Morning Peter. I’ve seen all funny photographs, thanks! We have a wonderful day with unforgettable impressions from Norh Wales. You are a exceptionally gifted tour guide. Have a nice trip today and thanks a lot. Anna

Karen D.

Manchester, UK
15 Apr 2013

Hi Pete & Frank. Hope you are both well. Just wanted to say a huge thank you Frank. The feedback from the passengers has been amazing. They all felt very safe, a great driver and wonderful company for them on their trip, so a million thanks. It is such an important part of their experience. Many thanks again! Best wishes, Karen